Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about Spencer Penrose and the 100-year legacy of this amazing resort. All you have to do is look for information around The Broadmoor and fill in the blanks. Return to Concierge for a small prize. Good luck and have fun!


  1. For his first brochure in 1918, Spencer Penrose hired a charcoal sketch artist to illustrate guests enjoying leisurely activities around the property. These sketches are in the red Pompeiian Room. Who was the artist?
  2. Also in the Pompeiian Room, the sketch of the Lake TerraceDining Room shows something historically interesting. During the time of Prohibition, what about the table settings would have been illegal?
  3. Look to the right of the grand staircase. You will see an oddly shaped champagne bottle in a glass case. What is the significance of this bottle?
  4. The Italian artists hired to paint the Mezzanine ceiling were fearful of creating anything perfect, believing only God could achieve perfection. As a result, they added an intentional flaw to their work. Look at the dancers above the fireplace. See if you can find the flaw.
  5. In the spirit of cloud-watching indoors, look up at the ceiling by the escalators and list what you find hidden in the clouds. Hint:Most can spot four images.
  6. At The Hotel Bar, there are letters from important hoteliers to Spencer Penrose. What did they decide to name themselves when they visited as his personal guests in 1920?


  1. Spencer Penrose was strongly opposed to outlawing alcohol.Before it became illegal during Prohibition, he hid a large quantity of alcohol bottles around the hotel, which are now preserved in Bottle Alley. A formerPresident of the United States signed one of the bottles. Who signed it and when?
  2. A famous painter named Maxfield Parrish stayed at The Broadmoor and was commissioned to paint the resort. Known for taking artistic freedoms, he changed a few features in his representation of the hotel. Today, an exact replica of this original painting hangs in the Main Lobby. What didParrish change?
  3. Mr. Penrose wanted the Main Lobby of The Broadmoor to show the adventurous spirit of the Wild West. When you look up at the rafters, describe what reminds you of the frontier.
  4. Mr. Penrose lost his left eye later in life due to an infection.He had a few glass eyes made as replacements, which he always used to keep in his desk. Today we display one here at the hotel. Where is it located?
  5. Many aspects of The Broadmoor have not changed since 1918. An excellent example is the original marble staircase in the lobby. What evidence of long use do you see after 100 years of guests taking the stairs?
  6. The Broadmoor has one of the first escalators installed in the West. Look at the marble on either side and see if it reminds you of any other area you have recently viewed. Hint: It was specially chosen to match another area in the lobby.


  1. The top of the Broadmoor Main building has a unique weathervane. Describe the shape. For extra points, what does this shape symbolize?Hint: Think of a popular Disney movie.
  2.  The front driveway of the hotel embodies our western heritage of hospitality and adventure. Notice the buffalo heads from Mr.Penrose’s personal collection. What else reminds you of the wide-open plains?


  1. Spencer Penrose was a big fan of car racing. The Broadmoor Hall lobby has memorabilia from a dare-devil racing event which still occurs today. What is the name of the event? Hint: Look for driving goggles.


  1. One of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountain peaks is named after an artist in the South Tower Lobby. What is the gentleman’s name? Hint: Look for the piece entitled Wind River from 1870.
  2.  The South Mezzanine is filled with artwork. Describe your favorite painting in this building.
  3.  Where are Spencer Penrose and his wife, Julie, both buried?Hint: Look left from the South Terrace to the middle of Cheyenne Mountain where the chimes sound every 15 minutes.


  1. The Broadmoor Ice Palace used to be where our West Tower now stands. In front of this building, there is a memorial with a special shape.What is the shape of this monument and to whom is it dedicated?


  1. Mother Nature would appreciate the fountain in this lobby.What animals do you see?
  2. The footstools here are unusual. What are they shaped like?
  3.  Stroll through our Hall of Fame. Name at least three people you recognize.


  1. There is a large floral arrangement in the West Lobby. Guess how many blooms are in the rose ball.
  2. At the end of the hallway, there is a painting called Staging by John Gutzon Borglum. He was not only a painter: what two large-scale monuments is Mr. Borglum famous for?


  1. At the base of the stairs from the Lobby Level to the Lower Level, you will find the 1959 Amateur Golf Championship Official Program framed and hanging on the wall. What was the cost of this program?
  2. Pictures from many championship sporting events line theLower Level hallways. Name a famous ice skater and a famous golfer who competed at the hotel during one of the events featured in these pictures.
  3.  Name something interesting you find in a glass display outside of the Divide Room.