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What is appropriate dress code?

Dress code when appearing before a judge

Students are expected to follow the DECA Inc. guidelines for dress code with the following exceptions:

  • Colorado will not be enforcing the requirement of a DECA Blazer
  • Colorado will not be enforcing the requirement of scarves/ascots

What is allowed for role play?

Portfolios/Folders for role play competition

  • Portfolios/folders are not allowed for role play competition this year
  • Paper will be provided in the prep area
  • Students can use a regular pencil and/or pen (blue or black ink only).
  • No colored pencils/pens, markers, highlighters, etc.
  • Cell phones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronic devices are not allowed in role plays and would result in a DQ

What is allowed for oral presentations of written events?

Oral presentation for written events

  • No food or drinks allowed 
  • Materials appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with the judge
  • Items of monetary value may be handed to the judge but MAY NOT be left with the judge

When is the advisor meeting?

Advisor meeting/CBAM meeting

  • 10 am Sunday, International Center North.

How Do the shuttles work?

Overflow Shuttles

  • Will run on a continuous rotation between Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Doubletree. Estimated turn time 20 minutes, depending on the weather.
  • Shuttles are only for students staying at the DoubleTree or Cheyenne Mountain. Not for students housed at The Broadmoor.

What are the workshops?

Click on the agenda to find the schedule and location

What about Monday night entertainment?

Monday Night Entertainment

  • $3 entry fee.
  • It will be Western themed with Line Dancing lessons. Corn hole will also be available.
  • Acceptable Dress: Jeans, leggings, DECA shirt, Western button shirt, Boots, tennis shoes, cowboy hat.

What are some food options?

Review restaurant tab on website

  • Dinner Buffet Sunday and Monday night (Lake Terrace Dining Room): Price is $30 plus $3.50 for drink
  • Breakfast Buffet available Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (Lake Terrace Dining Room and Del Lago): Price is $30 inclusive per person.
  • Del Lago in Broadmoor West will have To-Go pizzas ($20) available in the in the lobby starting at 4 pm Sunday and Monday. 
  • Grab-N-Go breakfast/coffee bar Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at Del Lago and Café Julies.

What about masks?

For the safety of everyone attending a large in-person event and to be consistent with what has already been communicated with judges, volunteers, and all participants; masks will be worn when participating in indoor events. Opening and Closing sessions, workshops, and presenting in front of judges.

Is there assigned seating for opening and closing?

Yes, please check the assigned seating diagrams in Broadmoor venue and information

How many qualify for ICDC?

ICDC qualifying spots

  • Top 6 places in individual and team role play events.
  • Top 5 places in written and professional selling/consulting events.

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