Colorado DECA

State Officer TEAM

Kaitlyn Potter

District 2 State Representative
Smoky Hill High School


Hey all! Im Kaitlyn your District 2 Representative! Im a senior and in my third year of DECA competition. Ive been to state three times, nationals once, and I placed 2nd last year in my favorite DECA event, Food Service Marketing. This organiztion has done so much for me and people across Colorado, from raising thousands of dollars on behalf of Mental Health Colorado, to countless hours of community service and pounds of food. I couldnt be prouder to represent my school and district this year. Go Buffs! Lets see District 2 represent!

Farewell, Colorado DECA!

My time as the District 2 Representative is diffficult to appropriately sum up in two paragraphs. From everything as small as emails and text messages to as big as planning for this years State conference, I have thoroughly appreciated the honor of representing my district and Colorado DECA. Trying to find the words for a proper farewell has been quite the task, and I landed on simple soultion. I thought the best goodbye would be to share my favorite memory, and leave you with a piece of what made this position so special.

District 2 competitions are notorious for being loud, excited, and of course, competitive. So the night before this years districts, I juggled between practicing my own roleplays and preparing to announce on stage for the first time since the virus . I spent the night at my best friends house, both of us were officers of Smoky Hill's DECA chapter, and we knew the next morning would be chaotic as we finished setting up our district conference. Come morning we are rushing out of the house, grabbing backpacks and hurriedly snatching any breakfast we could find. But once we stepped foot on the fairgrounds the familar nervous buzz of competition returns, and it feels good to be back. Over a year of talking to a computer screen, going through digital portals, and filming videos instead of greeting judges, finally DECA was back. My favorite memory could have been the hundreds of DECA pizza parties, placing at state with my best friends, or even just being at the Broadmoor. But for me, the best memory I have in DECA and as a state officer, was stepping back onto those fairgrounds. I was reminded, for the first time in what felt like eternity, what DECA felt like. Home.

From your District 2 Representative, Thank you, and Go Buffs!


Kaitlyn Potter